Скачать патч V1.2.0.0 UPDATE 1.2 BETA Farming Simulator 19

Обратите внимание, что это обновление не может использоваться для версии Steam или Mac OS X для Farming-Simulator 19. Если у вас есть версия Steam или Mac OS X, ваша игра будет обновляться автоматически.


  • Landscaping feature
  • Economic difficulty option
  • Support for mapping button combos besides the gamepad trigger buttons
  • In-game voting for mods
  • Combine rpm increase if the combine unloads
  • Selling of potato pallets
  • AI detection of tipped heaps


  • AI on angled edges
  • Mapping with devices not recognized by the game
  • Vehicle sounds
  • Combines can now be folded if just a small amount is loaded
  • Tree pickup of log grabs


  • Shading issues in some specific light/viewer combinations
  • Disappearing animals after starting a dedicated server again
  • Horse price issue when selling multiple horses at the same time
  • Egg pallets don’t appear correctly
  • Unlimited food after cleaning in front of a trough
  • The mower BIG M450 can’t be refueled
  • The header NH 3162 Draper 45ft doesn’t work well with NH CR10.90
  • Väderstad Tempo V 8 doesn’t work well in slopes
  • TT Multicultivator 5-in-1 doesn’t work well in slopes
  • Clients have access to all vehicles from all farms
  • Unable to start a dedicated server
  • The camera is desynced from vehicle
  • Wear speed if washing is disabled
  • Issues with combines harvesting multiple fruit types
  • Engine sound in multiplayer
  • AI overtaking to other fields with small working widths
  • AI working width New Holland FDR 600
  • AI turn direction issues with cultivator and sowing machine attached together
  • Bale mounting on Fliegl Butterfly and Fliegl DPW
  • Delayed lowering of pipe for potato harvesters (Ropa Keiler 2, Grimme SE 280)
  • Crash on Mac OS X when saving screenshot
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1 год назад

При запуске пишет “Игра Farming Simulator 2017 не установлена” и все. Короче не работает. Фигня какая то.

1 год назад

Так установлен FS19 от hatab. Патч его не видит получается.

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